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Best Ever Service Of Used furniture buyers in Dubai 🚚

Styling and furnishing homes has always been an exciting task. But before you get to do that, removing the old and used furniture pieces is essential to make room for the new and upgraded furniture decor models you wish to buy. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a sustainable and environment-friendly way to get rid of your old furniture, we might have found the perfect place for you! Try used furniture buyers in Dubai for an easy, economical, and pollution-free disposal of your furniture sets.

Let’s find out below what makes us the top Dubai used furniture buyers for selling their furniture in Dubai for many people.

The Best Place To Sell Used Furniture : Used Furniture Buyers In Dubai

Used furniture buyers in Dubai, commonly known as BUFID, is Dubai’s largest leading platform where you can sell your already used furniture and home appliances. Working since 2000, we are high-end used furniture buyers that have set a mark in the furniture-selling industry.

Our experienced team members work in a systematic way to provide you with the best selling experience. From you contacting us to the easy transportation of your sold products to our warehouses, our goal is to make your furniture selling experience fun and trustworthy for you.

As professional used furniture buyers in UAE, our services are customer-centered to fully compensate them for their sold products. So far with 5+ years of experience, we have fully satisfied 3000+ customers and completed 162,000 projects.  

Moreover, we operate in multiple cities across UAE including Dubai, RAK, Fujairah, UAQ, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Plus, our services even include cities like International City Dubai, Dubai Marina, Discovery Gardens, JVT, Arabian Ranches, and Akoya Damac Hills. So, you can easily contact us if you want reliable used furniture buyers in Dubai International City or anywhere else. 

Our Services - Cheap furniture buyers in Dubai

At BUFID, we provide our customers with multi-dimensional services at the best possible rates that fully compensate for the value of their belongings. We not only cover the basic furniture recycling but also provide coverage of other domestic as well as industry-based used products.

Our aim is to set a sustainable recycling system for all the products that can be recycled. This is why our services cover multiple product categories. Some of these product categories include 

Used Home Furniture in Dubai

Selling home-used furniture is always a big hassle. You’ll definitely want a good return for your products so that you can buy a better new piece. Well at used furniture buyers in Dubai, you can trust us for the best bargains. By choosing us as your sellers, you choose reasonable compensation, perfection, hassle-free furniture moving, as well as peace of mind.

Used Office Furniture in Dubai

Furniture and your office place also play a crucial role in your image as a successful business. There is no doubt in the fact that to stay successful and in demand in business, it is important to stay up-to-date with all the incoming and outgoing trends of the market. Therefore, continuously changing trendy office ware naturally becomes a part of the job.  

At BUFID, we are here to make this part of your job easy. By selling us your used office furniture, you can make us your reliable, resourceful, and efficient partners for your used office furniture buyers in Dubai.   

Used Home Appliances In Dubai

Appliances need a separate level of expertise when we are talking about sustainable and environment-friendly recycling. However, our team members are fully trained for the purpose. We not only buy a wide range of used home appliances but also convert them into fully functional, close-to-new pieces that can be reused again. 

The appliances that we buy from our customers include:

  • Stoves
  • Water dispensers
  • Fridges
  • Air conditioners
  • Pressure cookers
  • Coolers
  • Heat exhausters
  • Radiators 
  • Irons (and many more)

By choosing us as your used furniture and electronics buyer in Dubai, we can guarantee you that you will never be not satisfied with selling at a low price again.

Used Sofa Sets in Dubai

As an international business hub, sofas are a must-have in Dubai. Therefore, they are one of the most discarded and upgraded furniture pieces. At used furniture buyers in Dubai, we deal with a variety of sofa sets. From leather sofas to fabric ones, we specialize in buying all kinds of sofa sets.  

Used Restaurant Furniture in Dubai

Aesthetics and vibes make a great part of modern food hubs. Therefore, buying new furniture upgrades and selling old ones, is a part and parcel of a restaurant. As experts in buying used furniture, we strive to make this part both fun and easy for you. 

Our goal is to revive the old and tainted furniture pieces back to life. This is the reason why we deal with all kinds of restaurant essentials. We deal with the following restaurant-used furniture items

  • Tables 
  • Chairs 
  • Round tables
  • Glasswares
  • Leather sofas

Therefore, if you are looking for reliable used furniture buyers in Abu Dhabi or other nearby cities, you can contact us anytime you like. 

How To Sell Us Your Used Furniture In Dubai?

At used furniture buyers in Dubai, our working and processing process is pretty simple. In fact, it’s a five-step procedure that you can easily do from the comfort of your home, and the rest you can leave to us to handle. Here are these five steps: 

  1. Take a phone with good-quality camera pixels
  2. Take pictures of the furniture items that would want to sell
  3. Share these pictures with us on our Whatsapp number
  4. Share your location
  5. Verify your sale and done!

We respond back to you within 24 hours of your verification. After confirmation, our team will come to your place to pick up the sold product and you won’t have to do a single thing anymore.   

So if you are wondering about professional, comprehensive, and efficient used furniture buyers near me, used furniture buyers in Dubai are 24/7 here for you! Contact us anytime for a great selling experience for your used furniture.